SWiM GDS delivers significant and measurable benefits to Freight Forwarders

We Guarantee Uplift and Shipping of your Containers
  • No More Non-Shipped or Rolled Cargo Bookings
  • We Guarantee the Uplift and Shipping of your Cargo, On Time, Every Time
  • SWiM GDS provides you unrivalled certainty with your Cargo Bookings
  • We ensure you receive financial compensation in the unlikely event of your cargo ever not being shipped or rolled onto another voyage.
SWiM GDS Guarantees Uplift & Shipment of Your Containers
Book 'Over the Horizon'
Book "Over the Horizon"
  • Provides you "Over the Horizon" wholesale search and booking capability up to 12 months in advance, with immediate booking confirmation and at a fixed price
  • Acts as a Competitive single global distribution platform to facilitate client or tender procurement pricing with accuracy and certainty
  • Make your payments in single or multiple currency of choice
  • Secure your seasonal shipping requirements in advance for heavy usage trade lanes while taking advantage of "Early Bird" pricing and provide certainty to your client whilst maximizing your resale opportunity.
Live 24/7 Global Digital Connectivity
  • Provides you with 24/7 live digital connectivity, data exchange and alert notifications with all shipping lines instantly
  • Provides you access to unparalleled, up to date, accurate and detailed Industry data and metrics
  • Improves Forward Planning to meet your client's future shipping forecasts, peaks and troughs
  • Provides an enormous opportunity to optimize profits on resale of shipping slots
Live 24/7 Global Digital Connectivity
Huge Time & Cost Savings & No More Bad Debts
Huge Time & Cost Savings & No More Bad Debts
  • Attain access to SWiM PAY's world first "B2B - Buy Now - Pay Later" credit facility known as "SWiM PAY LATER" for both you and your customers' purchases
  • By having your clients subscribe to SWiM PAY LATER, you are Guaranteed Payment in Full, On Time, Every Time
  • No More Bad Debts or Debt Collection Costs
  • Provides you instant freight insurance (via SWiM SURE)
  • Reduces your administrative overhead and costs
  • Reduces procurement time and costs
  • Provides you a significant new, predictable and Zero Cost Revenue stream through use of SWiM PAY
  • And so much moreā€¦