SWiM GDS delivers significant and measurable benefits to Freight Forwarders, including:

SWiM GDS Guarantees Uplift & Shipment of Your Containers

  • * SWiM GDS guarantees the Uplift and Shipping of your Cargo, On Time, Every Time
  • * No More Non-Shipped or Rolled Cargo Bookings
  • * We compensate you financially if there is ever an event of a "Non-Shipped" or "Rolled"
  •    cargo booking



Book "Over the Horizon"

  • * Provides you "Over the Horizon" wholesale search and booking capability up to 12 months
  •    in advance, with immediate booking confirmation and at a fixed price
  • * Acts as a Competitive single global distribution platform to facilitate client or tender
  •    procurement pricing with accuracy and certainty
  • * Make your payments in single or multiple currency of choice
  • * Secure your seasonal shipping requirements in advance for heavy usage trade lanes
  •    while taking advantage of "Early Bird" pricing and provide certainty to your client whilst
  •    maximising your resale opportunity.


Live 24/7 Global Digital Connectivity

  • * Provides you with 24/7 live digital connectivity, data exchange and alert notifications
  •    with all shipping lines instantly
  • * Provides you access to unparalleled, up to date, accurate and detailed Industry data
  •    and metrics
  • * Improves Forward Planning to meet your client's future shipping forecasts, peaks
  •    and troughs
  • * Provides an enormous opportunity to optimize profits on resale of shipping slots



Huge Time & Cost Savings & No More Bad Debts

  • * Attain access to SWiM PAY's world first "B2B - Buy Now - Pay Later" credit facility known as
  •    "SWiM PAY LATER" for both you and your customers' purchases
  • * By having your clients subscribe to SWiM PAY LATER, you are Guaranteed Payment
  •    in Full, On Time, Every Time
  • * No More Bad Debts or Debt Collection Costs
  • * Provides you instant freight insurance (via SWiM SURE)
  • * Reduces your administrative overhead and costs
  • * Reduces procurement time and costs
  • * Provides you a significant new, predictable and Zero Cost Revenue stream
  •    through use of SWiM PAY
  • * And so much moreā€¦..

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