SWiM GDS delivers significant and measurable benefits to Shipping Lines, including:


SWiM GDS Guarantees Your Payments

  • We Guarantee you Payment In Full, On Time, Every time
  • Receive Payment in single or multiple currency of your choice
  • Payments can be received into escrow prior to Vessel Loading and released to you automatically on issue of Bill of Lading
  • We provide you with financial compensation in the event of a "NO SHOW" cargo booking
  • SWiM GDS Significantly Improves Business Operating Cash Flows


Modern Global Connectivity

  • Eliminates Bad Debts and the risk and cost of recovering same
  • Provides 24/7 live digital global connectivity, document exchange and alert notifications with all SWiM GDS Participants
  • Provides you a captive global audience for advertising, sales and marketing promotions
  • Gives you access to unparalleled, accurate, up to date and detailed Industry data and metrics



Better Facilities Utilisation

  • Facilitates Empty Container Fleet Planning and Utilisation
  • Facilitates Vessel Fleet Planning and Utilisation
  • Facilitates Port Call planning and vessel turnaround times
  • Reduces sales overheads and advertising costs


New Zero Cost Revenue Stream

  • Reduces cost of money and debt collection
  • Reduces administrative overhead and costs
  • Provides you a significant new and predictable, Zero Cost Revenue Stream through use of SWiM PAY
  • And so much more..

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