SWiM B2B Global Distribution System (GDS)

SWiM GDS is the world's only B2B Digital Global Distribution System developed specifically for Global Container Shipping and the related Maritime Services Industry.

Stage 1 Development of the SWiM GDS has been completed and accommodates for the unique Operational Planning, Container Booking, Secure Document and Data Exchange, and Transactional Relationships that exist exclusively between Global Container Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders, universally standardising and digitising these complex operations and relationships for the very first time through a single Global Distribution System and platform.

Stage 2 Development of the SWiM GDS is underway and when completed will accommodate similar Operational, Planning, Communication, Data Exchange and Transactional relationships existing between Container Shipping Lines and Worldwide Ports, Stevedores and other associated Vessel and Maritime Services Providers, with the aim of digitising these complex operations and relationships for the very first time through a single Global Distribution System and platform.

We Solve the Big Issues

Our Founders and Key Advisory team comprise a pool of highly skilled, talented professionals and entrepreneurs, each considered a specialist within their own industry and field of expertise.

The broad ranging skill set brought by our Founders and Key Advisory team comes from decades of experience in Global Banking, Finance, Payments and Trade, IT Systems Architecture and Development, Global Shipping and Maritime Services, International Law, Compliance and Risk Management, Business Intelligence Analysis, Infrastructure Major Project delivery and more.

Collectively the SWiM Team set about finding solutions to fix the big ticket issues impacting Global Container Shipping as well as certain other related industries. In doing so we have devised and are developing a number of interconnecting and complimentary IT system based solutions that not only deliver enormous efficiency and facilitate uniform industry wide digitalisation for the Global Container Shipping Industry, but have the capacity to remove up to circa US 82 Billion Dollar annual cost from the industry.

SWiM GDS Features

Over The Horizon Bookings
Over The Horizon Bookings

Secure guaranteed bookings over the horizon up to 12 months ahead. Gain the advantage of fixed pricing.

EDI Document Exchange
EDI Document Exchange

Shipping lines and freight forwarders exchange all necessary documents through our online portal.

Escrow Account
Escrow Account

All payments are held in Escrow until either containers are shipped (liner paid) or not shipped and deposit is returned.

24/7 Connectibity
24/7 Connectivity

Search and book container slots for voyages for any port pair globally, 24 hours a day.

SWiM Pay

Whilst various methods of payments can made on SWiM GDS, we encourage users to try our unique and secure Global B2B Payments Platform - SWiM PAY.

To learn more about SWiM PAY click here.

SWiM Rewards Credits

All payments made and received via SWiM PAY may qualify you to earn SWiM REWARDS points at the rate of USD $1.00 per point.

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SWiM Rewards Features